Privacy Policy

Union Optical Co., Ltd. has established the following Privacy Policy, as well as to comply with this, we will declare that to handle your personal information more safely and appropriately.
Use of personal information
We will use the personal information that you provided to answer for your questions or inquiry.
Prohibition of disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties
Your Private Personal Information will not be disclosed or shared with any third party unless:
Part of service provision
In some cases it may be necessary to disclose relevant information to trusted third parties in order to facilitate the provision of services the desired services.
Safety measures for personal information
The Company, for the sake of accuracy and safety of personal information, has taken measures to secure your personal information.
Modifying or deleting your information
You may update, otherwise modify or delete from the data stored in our database, after we have undertaken steps to confirm your identity.
Please contact us regarding the handling of our personal information.
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