Message from the CEO

Union Optical Co., Ltd. was established in June 1948. We developed Japan's first microscope which allowed people to use it at night time by installing light bulbs as a source of illumination instead of using sunlight. Since then, we have contributed to Japan's post-war economy recovery by introducing many products for over 65 years.
 In 2010, our company was destroyed by a hostile investment fund. However, we have overcome this difficulty and established the "New born" Union Optical Co., Ltd. in June the same year. Since then, we have steadily cemented the foundation of our company with great co-operation from our customers, agents and partners.
 The "New born" Union Optical Co., Ltd commits to manufacturing focusing on quality.
 "HISOMET Ⅱ" is a non-contact depth measuring microscope that uses an index graticule (target mark) that will be aligned when focused and split by a splitting prism when defocused. This product is now being considered as a standard instrument for quality control of precision components even in the greatly advanced nanotechnology industry.
 "Ultra-Long Working Distance Zoom Microscope UWZ2" with up to 500 mm working distance was utilised to discover particles in a chamber which a spacecraft, "Hayabusa", brought back from a small asteroid, "Itokawa". The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research has used two UWZ2s to enable 3D observation inside the chamber.
 The Institute also utilise a "High Magnification & High Resolution Zoom Microscope DZ4" in their premises, such as Spring 8 or SACLA, to make their observation & research of the world's smallest objects possible.
 The "New born" Union Optical Co., Ltd. will be committing ourselves to realise our philosophy, that is to "Contribute to society by introducing quality optical products based on great experience and expertise built up by our former co-workers, to grow our business organically and to pursue our employees' happiness". Thank you.。
CEO Yasuhiro Tanaka

Photo: Provided by Institute of Physical and Chemical Research