Message from the Representative Director

Union Optical Co., Ltd., the predecessor of our company, was established in June 1948. At that time, all microscope light sources were sunlight, but we have been playing a part in the economic recovery of postwar Japan, such as developing the first microscope in Japan that can be used at night by using a light bulb as the light source, and have produced numerous products for over 65 years. I have sent it out to the world. In June 2010, "Newborn" Union Optical Co., Ltd. relaunched. With the aim of valuing the many assets created by our seniors and contributing to society with excellent optical products, we have obtained the great cooperation of our customers, agents, and cooperating companies to solidify our corporate foundation. I will continue. "Newborn" Union Optical promotes manufacturing with a focus on quality。
 The "High Somet II", which uses a split prism to visually shift the target mark for focusing and can measure the height direction with high accuracy without contact, is the quality of precision parts even in the field of remarkably advanced miniaturization technology. It is being reviewed as a control standard. The "ultra-long working zoom microscope UWZ2" with a maximum working distance of 500 mm was used to discover fine particles in the chamber that "Hayabusa" brought back from the asteroid "Itokawa", and was used by RIKEN (Harima). In), 3D observation inside the chamber was made possible by using two UWZ2s. In addition, the high-magnification zoom microscope DZ4 plays a part in the microscope that enables the world's smallest observation at the atomic level, which is performed in Spring-8 and SACLA。
 "Newborn" Union Optical will contribute to society with excellent optical products, aim for corporate development through business, and strive every day to realize our philosophy of pursuing the happiness of employees. We look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement in the future。
Representative Director Ikuo Matsuda

Photo: Provided by Institute of Physical and Chemical Research